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    Second Tuesday of the months of February, May, August and November. Check the municipal calendar for exact dates or updates.

    Board Members

    The Industrial Development Authority is made up of five members.


    The Mt. Lebanon Industrial Development Authority (IDA) was created on April 10, 2006. Resolution R-9-06 named the initial five authority members and established Articles of Incorporation.

    The IDA is a special purpose authority created by Mt. Lebanon to enhance and promote development, redevelopment and economic activities and fund a wide variety of projects including housing, commercial and industrial development, to create public infrastructure and mass transit systems, or to fund education and health care facilities.

    The IDA is a conduit issuer, which enables private borrowers to receive the benefit of tax-exempt financing.

    Fee Income

    In addition, initial and annual fees on these borrowings create a revenue stream for the issuing authority which can reinvest the income in other economic development projects, or use it as a local match for state, and federal funds.

    Other Costs

    Out of pocket costs of the borrower as well as expenses and/or fees for the Authority solicitor are not deducted from the authority's fees, but paid directly by the borrower / applicant.

    Market Area

    The IDA may compete for business with any other authority established for the same purpose and is not limited to financing only those projects located in Mt. Lebanon.

    For More Information

    If you have any questions, please contact Staff Liaison Municipal Manager Keith McGill at (412) 343-3404.