Mt. Lebanon's electricity to be carbon-free starting in November, 2022

Mt. Lebanon's energy consultant, Premiere Power Solutions of Jefferson Hills, was able to secure a power contract that locks in rates close to our current contract. That's especially important right now, with rates set to skyrocket in the months to come. At the same time, we were able to get those prices from a carbon-free supplier.

PurpleAir Monitors

PurpleAir Monitors are located at the following locations:

Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center
Mt. Lebanon Public Works campus
Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building
Keystone Oaks High School
Jefferson Middle School
Foster Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Howe Elementary
Hoover Elementary

To check out the air quality at these and many other monitors, go to

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

An electric (EV) charging station is part of the renovated Overlook parking lot in the Beverly Road shopping district. Mt. Lebanon received a $9,000 grant in the form of a rebate through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Driving PA Forward program to help offset the cost of the $20,179 ChargePoint EV Charger. The station includes two Level 2 charging ports, capable of adding 10 to 20 miles of driving range per charging hour, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Municipality will review analytics to gauge usage and see if it makes sense to add more of them. Users must pay to use the station: Cost is $1.25 for the first hour and $2.25 thereafter, with a maximum of $8 for every four hours of use. To promote the station, the municipality is paying for some of the electric for the first hour. Users must create an account with ChargePoint. A QR code for the app appears on the charger display to allow for easy download to a mobile device.