Ad Hoc Committee Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

On January 4, 2021, the Mt. Lebanon Commission established a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee of the Community Relations Board by resolution.

The group’s purpose is to make recommendations to the Commission with a goal of making Mt. Lebanon a more welcoming community.  


The ad hoc committee has four working groups, each of which has at least one community relations board member as a participant in the meetings and projects. The four working groups are:

Community Awareness/Community Building Working Group

  • The group will examine possible steps the community can take so that Mt. Lebanon can take positive steps forward as a welcoming community. The work will include “community conversations” with the public to help inform their work.

Diversity in Boards and Hiring Working Group

  • The group will recommend to the commission ways that the municipality can achieve more diverse applicants for volunteer boards and municipal staff positions.

Police Engagement Working Group

  • The group will work in conjunction with the police department staff to organize community listening sessions, focus groups, community conversations, as well as research and recommend ways to expand the pool of qualified applicants for police positions.

Recognition, Event Planning and Incident Response Working Group

  • This group will identify a DEI calendar for municipal observances, actions and events and a protocol for municipal action and communication if DEI incidents happen.

Community Awareness

CRB Representatives:
Margaret Izzo
Rafaay Kahn

Staff Liaison:
Robyn E. Vittek

Committee Members:
David O Binder
Ann-Michele Corbi Potvin
Rebekah Diaz
Mr. Peter J.P. DiNardo
Rev. Noah H Evans
Adam Flango
Dr. Manisha Iyer
Heather McCague
Rev. Nate Nevala
Ms. Sarada Sangameswaran

Diversity in Boards/Hiring

CRB Representatives:
Manher (Jari) Jariwala

Staff Liaison:
Bonnie Cross
Ian McMeans

Committee Members:
Stacey Jo Bonenberger
Ms. Rachel Y. Butler-Pardi
Dr. Janine M Dutcher
Jamie L Fargo
Kristi Lisbon
Livia Macedo
Kimberly Martin
Ms. Katy Zorich

Police Engagement

CRB Representative:
Marissa Escajeda

Staff Liaison:
Laura Pace

Committee Members:
Joshua D Anderegg
Andrew J Booth
Mrs. April Bryan
Lindsay M Cashman
Joseph J Jackson
Stuart M Kurland
Vincent M Maddox
Dr. Terry Timm 

DEI Recognition/Events

CRB Representative:
Mark Trumbull

Staff Liaison:
Laura Pace
Katie Wagner

Committee Members:
Ms. Aleta A. Akhtar
Shivika Asthana
Ms. Elaine Becker
Andrea Cipriani
Stephanie N. Fedro-Byrom
Megan A Gilson
Min Leamon
Susan Simons
Carrie L. Stott


Held as needed 

Committee Updates

The committee met on Saturday, January 16 via Zoom, for introductions and networking. The group will convene again on Saturday, February 6 for further onboarding, including implicit bias training. Working Group public meetings, agendas and minutes are available here

Mt. Lebanon DEI Working Group Facilitator RFP

Staff Liaison 

For more details, please contact Staff Liaison, Robyn E. Vittek  at (412) 531-1912. 

Questions about the work of the committee? Email Commissioner Ranney at or
Commissioner Foster at