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Schedules, as provided by Plavchak Construction

 Schedule subject to change due to weather, availability of materials and other factors.

Here is the Uptown Phasing Schedule as of Tuesday, November 22, 2022.  Completion dates for several phases are in the legend. However, the contractor is not providing a final completion date at this time.



For a PDF of the maps, click here.


Update: July 12, 2022

Slide deck from the July 11, 2022 meeting with Uptown businesses.

Update: April 22,2022

Parking is extremely limited on Washington Road during this phase of construction. Please use garages and surface lots. Please do continue to patronize our wonderful businesses. This inconvenience is only temporary and when the project is completed, we'll have a more accessible, safer, more enjoyable Uptown. The construction schedule above has been updated.

Update: December 9, 2021

As this project has progressed, the project manager/engineer and contractor are continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency. The contractor has identified an operational improvement to ensure continuity of the project during the cold winter months, and also reduce the amount of time sidewalks will be under construction in front of our Uptown businesses.

Once the contractor has finished work in the current phase (733 Washington Road to Central Square), the sequence of demolition and construction will shift to working on particular items rather than working in particular zones. So instead of removing sidewalks, demolishing planters, doing trenchwork and pouring sidewalks in each area before moving on to another section of sidewalk, contractors will work on the street as a whole in this order:

Remove planters
Complete trenchwork
Upgrade conduit
Replace planters/seating

This work will be done throughout the winter (see map with dates). Completing the work in this order will allow the contractors to make quicker work of the sidewalk demolition, concrete pouring, paver installation and lighting in the spring. Pavers and parking kiosks will continue to be done in phases.

Update: September 29, 2021

Construction has moved across the street, from 733 Washington Road to Alfred Street, as part of the next phase of work. The sidewalk on the even side of the street is back open. For detailed schedule information, review the schedule section above.

Update: July 30, 2021

Wondering how Mt. Lebanon is going to maintain access for Washington Road businesses during the construction? This map outlines it for you. Please heed all signs and instructions from workers at the site, for your safety. Thank you!

Update: July 8, 2021

Watch the July stakeholders meeting to learn about the phases for the Vibrant Uptown project.

Update: April 28, 2021

Staff presentation slide deck from Representative Miller's Economic Roundtable, February 25, 2021

Staff presentation slide deck from Commission Discussion Session, April 27, 2021

Update: January 18, 2021

See the updated plans  that LaQuatra Bonci Associates prepared for the January 26 commission meeting. View the presentation here.

Update: October 28, 2020

See the updated plans  that LaQuatra Bonci Associates prepared for the October 27 commission meeting.

Update: September 14, 2020

See the updated results of the work done to date by consultants at LaQuatra Bonci Associates.  

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