Manager's Message regarding COVID-19

I hope this message finds you all safe and well. I wanted to reach out to our residents and business owners now that we are in Governor Tom Wolf’s “Yellow Phase.”

First, I again want to thank you for your patience and effort in getting us to this point. I know it hasn’t been easy but we have flattened the curve and kept our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed by our practices of social distancing, mask-wearing and use of good common sense. From the essential workers in every field to the volunteers who have stepped in at every opportunity, you have again shown your best side and for that, I—and all Mt. Lebanon residents—remain grateful.

Change is always challenging and change without choice is even more so. But challenge and change bring opportunity. As we start to reactivate and reopen the municipality, change will gradually bring us more control and an opportunity to reimagine and become better and stronger as people and as a community. I ask for your patience as practicing due diligence to safely reopen our community means it will take longer to re-start than it did for us to shut down.

The next few weeks will be filled with difficult decisions for all of us. The Municipality does not take cancellations like the Fourth of July festivities, summer camps and senior luncheons lightly. The entire municipal staff, Commission and I understand you are anxious to resume human connections and the celebrations we have come to enjoy. But be assured we are acting on expert guidance from agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Allegheny County Health Department. And we must follow the directives of Governor Wolf for the yellow, and, green, phases and hopefully ultimately reach phase out.

We also are making prudent financial decisions to ensure your tax money is spent wisely during a time when some of our residents are experiencing unprecedented financial hardship.

You will likely see more cancellations in the weeks ahead. We will do so only when we must. But you will also see other services return. We will do so only when it is safe. Keep up to date with all of it at our website: 6x9_postcard

If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, you should not hesitate to call 911 or to go to the emergency department. Our first responders and hospital staff are highly trained to keep you safe. If you think you may have COVID-19, please phone your doctor, 9-1-1 or St. Clair Hospital’s nurse triage line at 412-942-2600, weekdays 8-8 and weekends, 8-4.

Also, if you need a pickup of food, prescriptions or even a mask, you can call Neighborhood Aid at 412-253-4104 or go to and a caring volunteer will assist you.

I would like to close by sharing a personal experience from this pandemic. As we grow older our perspective and priorities change. Our daughter and son-in-law are both nurses and have been on the front line since this all began. They have blessed my wife and I with a grandson who recently turned two. Out of an abundance of caution they made a very challenging and difficult decision in the best interest of our grandson to allow him to live with my wife and I during this time. It has been a gift that we can never repay. As challenging as this has been for them it has provided my wife and I with amazing opportunity to appreciate and once again see the world through the eyes of a child. The gift of unconditional love, the amazement and appreciation for the simple things that we as adults seem to lose at some point in our lives. They are all still there—we just have to look into the eyes of a child to see them.  

Please continue to support our businesses and one another in any way you can. They and you are an important part of our community and we all need and rely on one another

I thank you for your community spirit and support as we move forward into this new territory together.

Mt. Lebanon Municipal Manager Keith McGill