Current Development Projects

St. Clair Hospital Ambulatory Care Center

 (1000 Bower Hill Road) 
St. Clair Health owns the property located at 1000 Bower Hill Road spanning the Municipality of Mt Lebanon and Scott Township boundary. St. Clair Health is seeking to construct an addition to their existing facility for an ambulatory care center, operating rooms, out-patient facilities, offices, and associated parking. Approvals for the land development plan, lot consolidation plan, and conditional use were granted in 2018. Construction on the new roadway for North Wren Drive in Scott Township occurred in 2018. Construction on the ambulatory care center portion of the project in Mt. Lebanon is anticipated to occur in 2019.

Castlegate Green

(2904 Castlegate Avenue) 
"Castlegate Green" is a proposed project by The Community Builders, Inc, which has an equitable interest in the property located at 2904 Castlegate Avenue. The developer is proposing to construct 51 residential units (24 townhouse units and 25 apartment units) on the parcel. There will be four townhouse units and three apartment buildings along with a building to serve as a management office. The developer will also construct associated parking, utilities, and stormwater management infrastructure to serve the development. The property is zoned R-4 Residential with a Continuing Care overlay. For a detailed page on this project, click here.

1701 Cochran Road

Cozza Enterprises owns the property at 1701 Cochran Road. In 2016 the developer was granted final approval of a land development plan to reuse an existing two-story brick building on the site and construct a new two-story commercial building on the property. Site work and grading occurred in 2018 and new construction is anticipated in 2019.

Mt. Lebanon Public Works Facility 

(1250 Lindendale Drive) 
In November 2017 the municipality received final approval for the land development plan to renovate the existing public works facility at 1250 Lindendale Drive. The plan calls for the construction of a bypass channel to control stormwater overflows on site, the construction of a second entrance from Cedar Boulevard, and the demolition of the existing salt storage structure. The redeveloped site includes a new salt storage building, a renovation and addition to the existing garage, an additional storage building, new pavement and sidewalks, underground utility installation, associated grading and landscaping. The site plan also includes an additional free-standing structure to be used as a firing range along with associated parking and utilities. A trailhead access point to Robb Hollow Park and parking for trail use will also be provided. For additional details on this project, see the public works facility page.

400 Washington Road

Zamagias Properties (WSPBH LLC) has received approval to develop the property for residential housing to construct 46 condominium units, associated parking, site amenities, the creation of 18 on-street parking spaces that would be controlled by the municipality, and provision of an easement to the municipality for the possible creation of a turn lane on Bower Hill Road immediately abutting the development. Site work occurred in 2017. The developer appeared before the Commission multiple times in 2018 to give updates on the project. The most recent appearance was at the August 27, 2018, discussion session. Video of that meeting is available here

For additional details on current and potential future development projects, please see the presentation made by Municipal Planner Ian McMeans at the April 9, 2018 Extended Discussion Session on Current and Future Development Projects. A video of that meeting is available here.