Current Development Projects

Mount Lebanon High School (155 Cochran Road / 7 Horsman Drive)
The Mount Lebanon School District received approval to renovate and rebuild the high school on the existing site to accommodate the educational needs of the district’s high school students. The oldest section of the building was constructed in 1928. Over the years, the building has undergone a series of additions and renovations, the last of which took place over 30 years ago.

The new high school consisted of new construction and renovated portions of the existing multi-story building. New construction included a new academic wing and an athletic field house. Existing portions of the building that were retained included an academic building, a large performing arts theater and a small performing arts theater. The existing competition gym building was also retained, but was significantly renovated into a new academic commons and dining space. For complete details please visit the school district website

Mt. Lebanon Condominiums (Washington Road and Bower Hill Road)
Zamagias Properties (WSPBH LLC) has received approval to develop the property for residential housing to construct 46 condominium units, associated parking, site amenities, the creation of 18 on-street parking spaces that would be controlled by the municipality, and provision of an easement to the municipality for the possible creation of a turn lane on Bower Hill Road immediately abutting the development. Site work should begin in the summer of 2016.

Summit Pointe (Country Club Drive) 
Charter Homes will construct 11 single-family homes. Grading began in the fall of 2015, with new home construction expecting to begin in the spring of 2016.

Asbury Heights (700 Bower Hill Road) 
Asbury Heights will add 50 parking spaces in multiple locations throughout their property.

Mt. Lebanon Historical Society (794 Washington Road) 
The Mt. Lebanon Historical Society has received site plan approval for 794 Washington Road for use as a museum. The society has a lease purchase agreement with the municipality for the property. Renovations are scheduled to begin as soon as funding is available.

Kossman Property (Castle Shannon Boulevard) 
This project is the construction of two 50,000-square-foot office buildings on Castle Shannon Boulevard on a 5.27 acre parcel of property with a leasable area of approximately 82,000 square feet. There will be an underground parking garage. It is a two-phase project; Phase 1 involves the grading plan and the first building and Phase 2 will begin when the first building reaches 80 percent occupancy.