Block Parties

Block Party & Special Events 

People residing in neighborhoods requesting permission to close or block any street in that neighborhood for the purpose of having a gathering of neighbors are required to apply for a block party permit from Mt. Lebanon. Applications may be submitted online with the myLebo system. 

Municipal staff recently completed a comprehensive review of the block party permit system. The municipal traffic engineer and representatives of police and public works reviewed all Mt. Lebanon streets to determine where block parties could safely be permitted. The group assessed all streets and sections of streets to determine if closing them could present potential safety challenges for emergency response vehicles and general traffic, and if drivers might ignore barricades putting residents at risk. 

Based on this review, the staff developed a list of areas that are permitted to have block parties and areas that are not permitted to close the streets. 

Both the list and the corresponding map are available here: 

Lebo-BDR greensunset2 copy
Block Party Maps
Block Party Street Listing

Please review the list before submitting a block party request. Additionally, no block parties will be permitted on Halloween. All previous guidelines listed below continue to apply for parties.

If your street is among those not permitted, please consider many of the municipal park and recreation facilities.

A new online process was developed and can be used to apply for a block party. Block party permits should be applied for 30 days prior to the event. Applications may be submitted online with the myLebo system. There is now a $25 (plus credit card service charge) fee for block parties and they may be held any day of the week. 

If you do not wish to apply online you may download a Block Party Request Form and mail it and check for $25 payable to Mt. Lebanon, PA to Public Works, 710 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15228 or dropped off at the customer service center in the municipal building during business hours. 


Block party permits should be applied for 30 days prior to the event. Block parties may begin no earlier than 10 a.m. and must be completed and the barricades removed no later than 11 p.m. BLOCK PARTIES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON HALLOWEEN DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS.

During the block party organizers must provide access and egress to motorists residing in the area, visitors and delivery trucks. In planning your block party please make sure that the area of the street that is to be blocked off with barricades is between intersections. Only intersection to intersection block parties will be approved. This will ensure vehicles are directed around closed off sections of streets, and do not interfere with pedestrian street traffic during your block party. 

Permits will be issued only for neighborhood events. Individual graduations, birthday parties, weddings, etc. are not eligible. You must make a good faith effort to contact each household affected by the closure. 

Fireworks may not be used within 150 feet of any structure.

Helpful Contact Information

  • Permit holders who want to use volleyball equipment should contact the recreation department at 412-343-3409. You may pick up volleyball and net on the second floor of the Recreation Center in Mt. Lebanon Park, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is a $10 refundable deposit when you pick up the volleyball equipment. Volleyball standards (poles) are delivered with the barricades.
  • To be visited by a fire truck, call the Fire Department at (412) 343-3402.
  • To be visited by MRTSA (Medical Rescue Team), call (412) 343-5111.
  • To be visited by the police, call (412) 343-4068 / (412) 343-4069, during regular business hours.