Meeting Rooms

Renting a Meeting Room
The Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building has several conference rooms available to the public to rent. Each conference room may be set up with chairs, or tables and chairs.

Room Name Room Number Classroom Capacity Lecture Capacity Equipment
A 101 30 45 TV, VCR, DVD, LCD projector
B 100 20 33 TV, VCR, DVD, LCD projector
C 104 40 60 TV, VCR, DVD, LCD projector
D 107 30 45 TV, VCR, DVD, LCD projector

Set-Up Notes
  • Rooms A and B can be combined into one large room.
  • Classroom set-up consists of tables and chairs in rows.
  • Lecture consists of chairs only set in rows.
  • U-shapes or squares also available; capacity dependent on number of tables included. Tables accommodate two people comfortably.

Room Charges
The following fees include set-up in style and for number indicated:
  • Resident - $20 per hour
  • Nonresident - $25 per hour

Equipment Charges
The renter is responsible for obtaining necessary training on equipment use in advance of rental. Fees are as follows:
  • TV / VCR / DVD - $10 per rental
  • LCD projector - $15 per rental

Reserving a Room
To reserve a room, please download a copy of the meeting room policy and the meeting room reservation form. Fill out the form and return it to:
Micki Cantine
Mt. Lebanon Municipality
710 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15228-2018