Castle Shannon Boulevard/Cochran Road

View of Castle Shannon BoulevardCastle Shannon Boulevard
The Castle Shannon Boulevard commercial corridor is located in the southwestern section of the municipality near the Castle Shannon border. It consists of a grocery store and other smaller retail and service oriented businesses. The portion of the corridor that runs from Sunset Drive to Mt. Lebanon Boulevard is automobile oriented. Sidewalks are located in the commercial area that runs from Shady Drive East to Sunset Drive helping to attract pedestrians to small businesses. Most business in the corridor are “destination” businesses.

View of Cochran Road Cochran Road
The Cochran Road commercial area is located in central Mt. Lebanon and extends from Bower Hill Road to Cedar Boulevard. It consists of a mix of gas stations, super drug stores and other retail businesses. This heavily traveled area is also automobile oriented.

Galleria Area
Located in the southern border of the municipality this commercial area centers on the Galleria Mall. In addition to the mall, this area includes several gasoline stations, restaurants and a few View of the intersection of Gilkeson, Connor and Washington Roadsindividual retail establishments.

In general, this area is designed to accommodate customers using private automobiles. Businesses have large parking lots and few pedestrian amenities.