Storm Water Management

Storm water management is a critical part of keeping our water safe and clean and curtailing flooding.

It's not just a job for government or large construction sites; we all can help keep the water clean by following rules, avoiding pollutants and making sure our water goes where it is supposed to when it rains.

In Mt. Lebanon, we have what's called a municipal separate storm sewer system (also called MS4 for short). That means our storm water doesn't go down the same drains as sewage from our bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

To help keep our system clean, we will post tips for residents on this page. Some of the tips might not seem water related -- such as curtailing use of lawn fertilizers or rock salt for icy sidewalks. Even properly raking leaves keeps catch basins clear and free to do their work. This page also will list capital projects that upgrade our infrastructure. Storm water fee information is listed to the left.


MS4 Tips and Information

To learn how you can help the environment and for fun educational activities for the whole family, go to our MS4 Tips and Information Page.

Storm Water Infrastructure Goal

Mt. Lebanon repairs and removes debris from more than 75 miles of storm sewers and over 2,500 catch basins throughout the municipality. Responsibilities include periodic inspections of the municipal storm drain system, catch basin construction and reconstruction, and response to general storm sewer problems.

Project Status Updates

Stormwater Utility Fund - January 2019
Stormwater Utility Fund - September 2016
Stormwater Utility Fund - November 2015
Stormwater Utility Fund - September 2014
Stormwater Utility Fund - December 2013