South Hills Recycling Competition

Recycle trophy small.jpgBackground
In November of 2010, ten SouthHills area communities agreed to participate in a recycling competition during 2011. Participating municipal members include Mt. Lebanon, Scott Township, Peters Township, Dormont, Upper St. Clair, Brentwood, Pleasant Hills, Baldwin Borough, South Park Township and Jefferson Hills. The idea of the competition was suggested by the Waste Reduction Committee of the Mt. Lebanon Environmental Community Action Team.

The residential recycling competition was one of ten strategies included in the 2010 Mt. Lebanon Community Greenhouse Emission Inventory and Climate Action Plan. The goal of the Recycling Competition is to increase the rate of recycling in 2011 using recycling tonnages from 2010 as a baseline. The competition is supported by Waste Management, Allied Waste, GreenStar Recycling and the PNC Foundation.

Quarterly recognition will be given to municipalities whose recycling tonnages have exceeded their baseline 2010 levels, municipalities with the largest percent increase in residential recycling as compared to the previous year, and the municipality with the greatest tonnage of recyclable materials.In January of 2012 prizes will be presented to the municipalities ranked highest these three categories.

Status of Municipal Recycling Competition
Monthly Collection Reports