Municipal Claims & Tax Certification Letters

Municipal Claims Letter & Tax Certification Letter
Municipal claims letters and tax certification letters state that there are no municipal liens or claims against a property unless something of record has been found. Prior to issuing municipal claims letters and/or tax certification letters, all accounts with the municipality will be researched for compliance with municipal regulations and to verify that payments are up to date. A municipal claims letter and/or tax certification letter will not be issued until the property owners have complied with the information and/or payment requests of the municipality.

Items to Address
In order to process the request for a municipal claims letter and/or tax certification letter the following items must be addressed:

Earned Income Tax
  • All confidential information with regard to tax matters, including documentation and payments, must be submitted directly to the tax office.
  • All discrepancies and delinquencies must be paid in full at the tax office.
  • An audit will be conducted on the tax account (s).
  • Quarterly tax payments must be made through the date of closing.

Real Estate Tax
  • Amounts current, owed, delinquent and/or liened, are reported on the tax certification letter.

  • Any violations, open permits and dye testing requirements must be resolved before the municipal claims letter and/or tax certification letter will be released.
  • Any unresolved or outstanding issues could delay the processing of the municipal claims letter and/or tax certification letter.
  • Unpaid invoices issued by Mt. Lebanon Municipality and any other charges will be reported on the claims letter.

  • Dye Test - $50 (Inspection Department)
  • Municipal Claims Letter – $25 (Finance Department)
  • Tax Certification Letter – $20 (Finance Department)

Further Information
Allow ten working days for the letters to be issued. If you have any questions, please call (412) 343-3920 (Finance) or (412) 343-3408 (Inspections).

  • Please Note: Sewage Lien Letter requests must be made directly to:

    Jordan Tax Service, Inc.
    102 Rahway Road
    McMurray, PA 15317