Street Maintenance Programs


Street maintenance involves Mt. Lebanon's responsibility to maintain approximately 78 miles of municipal streets and paved alleys, including street resurfacing, joint sealing, brick and concrete roadway repairs and maintenance of guardrails.

Pothole Patching

Only emergency repairs of concrete, brick and asphalt streets take place. Municipal crews patch all holes with a year-round maintenance contract covering larger patching. Winter patching with cold material is done on an emergency basis.

Basic Repair

Contractual repair of 60,000 square feet (.4 miles) of the most seriously deteriorated streets in the community. This includes work on concrete streets (50 percent) and bituminous streets (50 percent). Concrete slabs are replaced and three-inch bituminous overlay is applied. Municipal crews repair signs and guardrails, and do minor asphalt repairs.

Systematic Repair

Additional streets in need of repair are serviced by contract on a systematic basis, with those in the worst condition given priority. About 90,000 additional square feet (.6 miles) of concrete and bituminous streets are repaired, continuing the percentage breakdown established for the basic repair.

Street Crack Repairs

Provides for the contract sealing or repair of about 18,000 linear feet of street cracks throughout Mt. Lebanon. Cracks range up to 1/4 of an inch in width, 80 percent of which are normally less than 12 feet long.

Increased Repair

Increases contract repairs by about 60,000 square feet (.4 miles) of concrete and bituminous street. The breakdown continues at 50 percent for concrete streets, 50 percent for bituminous. Permits the municipality to reduce the reconstruction frequency from once every 20 years to once every 25 years.