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Deer Forum
Online Education Program About Deer is Planned

In June, Mt. Lebanon will tape a program with a panel of experts with the goal of educating residents about deer behavior and the ways in which they can change their own behaviors to reduce the number of deer/vehicular crashes on the roadways. The program will be aired online and on cable TV. Participating will be: White Buffalo, The Humane Society of the United States, The Pennsylvania Game Commission, PennDOT, the Penn State Cooperative and Mt. Lebanon’s police chief and public works director. Moderator will be District Judge Blaise Larotonda. Questions will focus on reducing deer/vehicular collisions, but there also will be some discussion of tactics people can take to mitigate problems with deer on their properties and in their gardens. There also will be several questions posed regarding deer management strategies that the commission might discuss in the future.

The list of questions for the panel, devised by the public information office with the help of the municipal staff and commission is below. Each question will be directed to a specific panelist or panelists, with any other panelist who wishes permitted to comment. We hope to keep the forum to about one hour. If you would like to suggest an additional question, we will be happy to consider it. Please send your suggestions to Municipal Manager Steve Feller, .

Questions will be finalized and sent to the panelist on Thursday, May 22. Thank you.


Why have deer become such a growing problem in suburbia? Do you see the problem increasing or decreasing here?

How many deer do we think we currently have in Mt. Lebanon and how was that calculated? What is considered to be an unmanageable number of deer—a carrying count so high that some sort of management is needed?

How many deer incidents involving harm to people or vehicles do we have in Mt. Lebanon and surrounding areas in a typical year?

What do we need to know about deer behavior so we can better learn to “share” the habitat?

Where and when in and around Mt. Lebanon are drivers most likely to encounter deer?

What can drivers do to avoid crashes? If a driver can’t avoid a crash, is there anything a driver can do to mitigate the effects?

If a person hits a deer or sees a dead or dying deer on the roadway, to whom should it be reported?

Are there any sound-emitting devices that can be attached to cars or placed in yards that work as deterrents?

Are their steps people can take to protect their gardens and landscapes from deer damage without harming the deer?

How concerned should we be about deer ticks and disease?

When are deer likely to become aggressive to people or dogs? If in the presence of an aggressive deer, what is the right course of protective action?

What management strategies have Mt. Lebanon and other similar communities have used in the past? What are the pros and cons? Can you describe the sorts of safety measures that are taken in a cull?

What new or less lethal management strategies may be options for managing deer? What are the pros and cons?

If it is accurate, as we have heard, that sterilization could take up to 10 years to yield significant reductions, would it make sense to do an initial cull to reduce numbers before starting?

Why do municipalities’ deer management plans need to be approved by the state? What are the possibilities of more humane strategies receiving game commission approval and what is the process?