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Birthday Pool Party Package

Informational Flyer

Available May 30 - August 23, 2020 (Saturdays and Sundays ONLY)

Party Room: 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.
(Room is on the 2nd floor of the MTL Rec Center located next to the Swim Center)
Swimming: After the party in the Rec Center, guests will put on their wristbands
                    and walk to the MTL Swim Center for admittance.  Party guests may stay until pool closing.
                    General Public swim hours are typically Noon to 8 p.m.

Party Includes:

  • Use of Party Room in Recreation Center, 2nd Floor.  (Party room time is 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.) 
  • Pizza and beverage for paid guests  
  • Plain paper products (plate/cup/napkin - for each child guest). 
  • Plain tablecloths
  • Admission to Mt. Lebanon Outdoor Pool. All paid guests will receive wristbands for pool admittance.
  • Use of the shared kitchen located next to the party room
Party Details:
  • Cost $19 per child (minimum of 8 guests — maximum of 24 guests). Birthday child is not charged.
  • Cost $8 per adult guests who plan to enter the Swim Center.  (Parents of birthday child not charged.)
  • All guests entering the Swim Center (swimming and non-swimming) MUST pay admittance fee or have a wristband.
  • All guests are required to wear shoes and a shirt while in the Recreation Center.
  • No outside food is permitted to be brought into the Swim Center.
  • You may bring decorations for the party room, but nothing is permitted to be taped on the walls and confetti is prohibited.
  • You may bring extra food into the party room, but plan to bring extra plates/utensils if having cake, etc.
  • No discount of the $19 fee/per child is given to any child guest with a pool membership.
Call (412) 561-4363 for more information.

Policies for Use of the Party Room

General Swim Center Policies