Street Opening Permits

A street opening permit is required when excavation is being done in the municipal right-of-way. For details and specifications download the Street Opening Requirements.


Excavation within the street Right-of-Way:

If you are excavating anywhere within the street right-of-way (ex.:  yard, street, curb, sidewalk, grass strip) you will need:

  • Street Opening (Right-of-Way) Permit Form

    • $2,000 street opening bond from your insurance company faxed to 412-343-3753
    • $90 fee for the for any excavation 50 feet in length or less and $1.50 each additional foot beyond 50 feet. The $90 fee applies to each opening.
    • PA One Call notification
    • If a sidewalk slab is being replaced as part of the project, a sidewalk replacement permit / application will also be required.
    • Concrete street curbing should not be removed, modified or replaced without first consulting with the Public Works Department.
  • Curb Cuts: Permit Form

    • Curb cuts are needed for rain conductor pipes to the street
    • $25 for first cut; $20 for additional cuts
    • Paint on the curb where the cut is needed

Sidewalk Replacement Only:

If you are only replacing existing sidewalk slabs you will need:

  • Sidewalk Application & Permit (three-part form - free of charge) An inspection is required before the concrete is poured. Call 412-343-3403 to schedule an inspection after the area is formed, but before the concrete is poured.  Only full sidewalk slab replacement will be accepted. Applications are available at the municipal building, 710 Washington Road.