Public Hearing Notices

St. Clair Hospital Conditional Use

The Mt. Lebanon Commission will hold a public hearing to consider a request for a conditional use as required in Part 10, Conditional Uses, Section 1002, of Chapter XX of the Mt. Lebanon Code (Zoning Ordinance). St. Clair Hospital (the “Applicant”) has submitted an application (the “Application”) for the expansion of a conditional use for a property located at 1000 Bower Hill Road to construct a new Ambulatory Care Center adjacent to the existing Hospital structure. The property is zoned R-2 Single-Family Residential District. Chapter XX of the Mt Lebanon Code, Zoning, Section 203.3.5 identifies “Hospitals” as a conditional use in the R-2 District.

The hearing will take place on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, at 8:00 P.M. in the Municipal Building, 710 Washington Road, First Floor Commission Chambers

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