Expired Meter Violation

Fine Amounts
Fines are payable as follows:
Within Fine
1-10 Days $10
11-20 Days $20
21-30 Days $30
Over 30 Days $40

Note: Please make checks payable to Mt. Lebanon Municipality.

About the Violation
Vehicles are cited for violation of Chapter X, Part 9, Section 912.3 of the Mt. Lebanon Code. Payment of the fine may be made by sealing payment (check preferred) in the ticket and then depositing it in a fine box located in the main business areas; or mail the ticket and check in a regular envelope to:
Mt. Lebanon
710 Washington Road
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228
Ph: (412) 343-3705

Pay Your Fine Online
Online payments by credit card online after 48 hours. Payment may also be made in person at the Municipal Building. You may appeal the charged violation by appearing at District Court within the next 10 days (contact the District Court at (412) 561-4415). Vehicles with five or more outstanding parking violations or three or more outstanding parking citations are subject to towing or booting.

Note: No telephone hearings.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please contact the office at (412) 343-3705.