July 4th Community Day Celebration


Fourth of July festivities, including the fireworks are cancelled for July 4, 2020

The annual fireworks and community day celebration, held every July 4th, is cancelled. “Even if we blocked off the park and other areas where we know residents congregate, there would be no way for us to prevent people gathering in groups at homes or in other places, such as the parking garages or ridgetops of our neighborhoods,” Donnellan said. “At this point, we wouldn’t be able to control that. Having the fireworks would be inviting those gatherings to happen. As long as public health officials tell us that behavior is not safe, we cannot do things to encourage it.”

“Looking at what we do and how our residents are used to enjoying the events, in large groups, clustered together, we could not in good conscience return to those programs and ensure the participants would be safe,” said Recreation Director David Donnellan. “So much of what we do happens closer than six feet to other people. It’s just not possible to keep people apart and run the same quality programs we enjoy. Additionally, the availability of indoor facilities for inclement weather and destinations for field trips just aren’t there.”