Pet Find Project

Pet Find

Reuniting lost pets with their owners

When South Hills Cooperative Animal Control (SHCAC) picks up a lost dog or cat, they will post its picture and any information it has about the animal on this webpage. Information will remain online until the pet is returned home or turned over to Animal Friends for adoption.

When your pet is lost...

Call 412-279-6911 and report that it is lost
Check This site for photos and descriptions of animals being housed at the SHCAC kennel.

If you find...

A wandering pet, call 412-279-6911


Guardian Angels for Soldiers' Pets, a not-for-profit group whose mission is to help foster pets for soldiers while they are deployed overseas. Prior to the establishment of this organization, upon deployment soldiers had to either pay someone to foster their pets or turn over their pets to the pound.

Animal Control may be reached through County
Dispatch via the non emergency phone number (412) 279 6911.