Junior Tennis Challenge Ladder

A decision on opening has not been made yet. We will make an announcement as soon as we have completed our research. Currently closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click the following link for updates:www.mtlebanon.org/corona

Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center Junior Tennis Challenge Ladder Rules

  1. A challenge match shall consist of either an “8-game pro set”, or a regular best of three sets match. Players must agree upon scoring format before match. An 8-game pro set is a better format for indoor play, and can be done in an hour.
  2. Any official match played (high school, USTA tournament, challenge ladder tournament) also counts as a ladder match.
  3. Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center regulations, USTA rules, and the “CODE” of tennis apply to all challenge ladder matches
  4. A challenge may be issued to anyone to the left of you on your row, or to anyone on the row above you.
  5. The challenger must call, issue the challenge, and ask for a few times the “challengee” is available. The challenger must play at one of the offered times or call someone else.
  6. A challenge must be accepted and played!
    1. Within two days when school is not in session during the summer months
    2. Within seven days during the school year
    3. Unless you have already accepted a challenge, which you are waiting to play
    4. Unless you are to be out of town during the weekend you are challenged
    5. Being untruthful about your schedule is an automatic default
    6. Remember that you only move down one spot on the ladder should you lose or have to default, so play your matches. No dodging!!!
  7. You may play as many matches as you wish, but are not required to accept more than one match during the applicable two or seven day period.
  8. The challenger shall place the results, (win or lose) in Hank Hughes’ mailbox, so that if there is any movement of players, Hank can adjust the challenge ladder. Players are not allowed to move players on the challenge ladder. You will be suspended from playing if you move names!!
  9. To enter ladder, you must play someone already on the ladder, or play a challenger series tournament. For more information call Hank Hughes (412) 343-3411.

Have Fun / Compete Hard
Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center Pro Staff