What's on Your Mind?

We Want to Know. . .Seriously

If you live in Mt. Lebanon, you likely want our community to be a welcoming place for people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. An easy way to act on your interest is to share your thoughts and ideas about how the quality of life in our community could be improved. The Mt. Lebanon Community Relations Board (CRB) welcomes input from residents.

By sharing your ideas and concerns, you can help the CRB identify trends and needs in the community and develop and recommend possible action items to municipal / community leadership.

This process can and does work. For example, the successful Mt. Lebanon Extended Day Program, which provides before- and after-school care, was developed in 1987 in response to a community survey conducted by the CRB that showed a need for safe, caring places for elementary school-aged children.

Similarly, the CRB’s 40th Anniversary Forum on diversity in 2006 resulted in a wealth of ideas from participants who first listened to presentations from a diverse group of residents who shared their personal experiences of living in Mt. Lebanon. The participants then worked in small groups to discuss ways of making our community more inclusive. Plans for CRB forums on other issues of wide interest are in the works.

We'd Like to Hear From You

Please contact us if you fit the following examples:
  • You have an idea or suggestion that could improve quality of life in Mt. Lebanon or might facilitate an inclusive environment for all
  • You have a concern or issue pertaining to civil rights or discrimination
  • You would like information that might help resolve a problem with a neighbor
  • You would like to request a confidential mediation facilitated by a trained CRB board member or members. (Please note that before involving the CRB, it is a good idea to try having a friendly conversation; write a friendly note; or invite the other party to sit down and discuss the issue over a cup of coffee in a neutral location.)

Remember, Communication Is Key

To contact the Community Relations Board, contact Staff Liaison Robyn Vittek at 412-942-0922. If the nature of your communication is confidential, Robyn will put you in touch with the CRB member who might be best suited to talk with you.

If your communication is not a private matter but something that merits discussion by the full board, it could be included on a future agenda for discussion. You are also welcome to attend a CRB meeting and speak in the public comment session. The CRB meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the municipal building. Agendas and minutes are posted online.